Air Cork Wine Preserver Replacement Balloons(2 pcs)

€7,95 Incl. tax
Article number: Ballon_Aircork

Air Cork wine preserver REPLACEMENT BALLOON ONLY; for use as an extra replacement balloon with the Air Cork wine preserver. To clean, rinse with warm water and blot dry; medical grade latex balloon made in USA
• Protects wine from oxidation for about 3 days; balloon will not negatively alter or affect taste of wine
• Designed for standard size bottles only; for use in 750-ml size bottle
• 1 spare replacement balloon to screw on to the end of your Air Cork as a spare balloon; Air Cork NOT INCLUDED. Balloons are easily replaceable. Balloons are quite durable but not meant to last forever. See How To video on this page for replacement help.
• Now shipping with new formulated heat sensitive medical grade latex balloons. These balloons relax within the bottle providing greater durability. Keep valve button depressed while removing the balloon from the bottle. A rinse in warm / hot water will "shrink" the balloon back to near original size. Now ready to its next use or to stored in its storage bag.

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