WINECHILL for wine professionals in the restaurant and bar business

Sommeliers and fine restaurants worldwide take great pride in the care of fine wines. Wines are kept in special wine refrigerators to maintain their ideal serving temperature. Much of this effort is wasted as the wines are put in ice buckets causing their temperature to drop dramatically and the wine to lose its taste and aroma.

WINECHILL isn't only the coolest way to enjoy your drinks but it's also the easiest way to ensure your customers/guests get the most enjoyment from their wine drinking experience. This includes never having to deal with awkward ice buckets, drippy bottles or wrongly chilled wines ever again. By using the WINECHILL you will save space in the freezer, save your valuable ice for drinks, not for wasteful buckets and most important saves you money!

Specially for hotels, restaurants and bars there is the WINECHILL Coolbox which consists out of 12 pieces WINECHILL packed in a handy freezer box for space-saving storage. The Coolbox is ideal to bring to events like wine tastings so you can serve your guests wine at perfect temperature on location and you don't need to bring a freezer. The WINECHILL remains frozen for at least 8 hours.

The WINECHILL Coolbox is available in 3 different compositions;
- Box 1 Original: 12x WINECHILL Original 
- Box 2 Longue: 12x WINECHILL Longue (specially for long slender bottles)
- Box 3 Combi: 6x WINECHILL Original en 6x WINECHILL Longue

It is also possible to brand your WINECHILL by putting your company logo on the wine stopper. 

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This is why you need the design wine chiller WINECHILL

- Keeps red, rosé and white wines at the perfect temperature up to an hour

- Leave the bottle on the table without loss of flavor(and increase revenues!)

- The elegant drip-free pourer chills and refines as you serve and you will never get wine stained tablecloths again

- No need for ice buckets, more space at the customers table (much better experience).

- Washable and reusable

- Recommended by sommeliers and wine writers

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