Frequently asked questions and answers about the design wine chiller WINECHILL Original.

1.1 Why should I use WINECHILL?

The temperature at which a wine is served is important. A wine served too cold will loose its taste and aroma. Too warm and you will only taste the alcohol.   WINECHILL keeps your wines and spirits at the perfect temperature without the messiness, and unreliablity, of an ice bucket. Besides all that, it's the coolest way to enjoy your wine!

1.2 How does the WINECHILL work?

Place your WINECHILL in the freezer for at least two hours. Pour off enough wine to allow the WINECHILL to be inserted into your bottle. Insert the WINECHILL into your bottle to cool room temp reds in 15 min or keep whites perfectly chilled up to an hour. Pour your wine through the pourer and enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine.

1.3 Does the WINECHILL fitts in every bottle?

The WINECHILL  is designed to fit in almost every common bottle. This means that the WINECHILL fits in 95% of all wine bottles.

1.4 Will my WINECHILL chill a room-temperature white wine?

WINECHILL will maintain pre-chilled white and rose wines, but it's not designed to chill a room-temperature wine to the desired temperature. Which is why you should always start with a chilled white or rose wine.

1.5 Why should I use WINECHILL for room temperature red wine?

The ideal serving temperature for many fine red wines is perhaps 14C to 18C, somewhat cooler than modern houses,although this was a common temperature indoors in centuries gone by! Many reds, unless stored somewhere cool, will benefit from 15 minutes chilling with the WINECHILL. This is particularly the case for Beaujolais and young Burgundy, as well as Pinot Noir from the New World. So your red wine needs to be chilled down a bit to bring out all the flavors available inside of that wine. Simply open a room temperature red wine, insert the WINECHILL and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. After 15 minutes remove the rvs part of the WINECHILL. Put the drip- free pourer with aerator back into the bottle for extra oxygen and your red wine should now be perfect!

1.6 The WINECHILL pours the wine a bit slower than when you pour straight out of the bottle, why?

The drip-free pourer of the WINECHILL pours a bit slower because of the aerator that adds extra oxygen to the wine which makes the wine taste even better. It's common for sommeliers to use this kind of pourer. Keep your bottle a quarter turned to pour faster.

1.7 How long should I freeze my WINECHILL?

We recommend you store it in your freezer for at least two hours before using. Store your WINECHILL in the freezer and it's always ready to use.

1.8 How long will my WINECHILL work?

Depending on conditions, whether used inside or outside, WINECHILL can keep pre-chilled white wines at their ideal temperature up to an hour and can cool reds in just 15 minutes.

1.9 How do I take care of my WINECHILL?

Just give it a handwash in warm, soapy water and dry before returning it to your freezer. Never put your WINECHILL in your dishwasher.If you follow these instructions your WINECHILL will last you for years.

1.10 What is WINECHILL made from?

WINECHILL is made of stainless steel and contains a non-toxic thermal gel. However, if contents are accidentally ingested, please seek medical attention.   WINECHILL includes a stainless steel detachable gel-filled chiller, acrylic pourer, silicon ring for glass protection and zinc alloy stopper to preserve the wine.

1.11 Why is WINECHILL the perfect (business)gift?

Wine accessories are the perfect addition to any collection for enjoying a favorite bottle in style. Wine is always and everywhere and can be given all year round. In the summer, the emphasis is more on whites and rosé, in the fall we have the Beaujolais Primeur and in the winter with all the holidays we can't imagine not drinking wine. So the WINECHILL is the perfect gift for that reception, birthday or that dinner party!   Starting from 24 pieces we can provide your company full-color logo on the design wine stopper. And starting from 1000 pieces you can adjust the design of the luxury packing box entirely to your wishes. There is a volume discount for larger quantities. If you want a quotation please fill in the contactform.