WINECHILL wine gift sets

Gift set 1: Le Clos des Pins

A red and white wine from Graves with the stylish WINECHILL in a gift box.

Think of Bordeaux and you think of full bodied red wines. Second thoughts often lead to the sweet whites. But lesser known is the fact that in the region you can find delicious dry white wines. One of the most classic appellations of the region is Graves, which borders the city of Bordeaux. On the south side of Graves you can find Sauternes, world renowned for the sweet desert wines. The Graves is known for their dry white and red wines.

And specifically in this area we have found a pearl. The Lamothe family, known for producing top notch Sauternes, owns a few vineyards with white grape varieties (Sémillon, Muscadelle and Sauvignon Blanc) and with vines over fifty years old. This wine is raised in vats and then in wooden barrels for about 6 months. The result: a beautiful dry wine with flavours of citrus and exotic fruits, and a lovely fresh minerality because of the clay soil. The after taste is long – so long that you feel you still have the wine in your mouth long after you have swallowed it

Their red wine, a blend with primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is made from young vines. Thanks to a rigorous selection during the manual harvest and an advanced winemaking, they created a wine of great elegance, ruby colour and a nice bouquet with notes of confit fruits. In the mouth, you will find a nice balance between red fruits and tannins. A very nice and easy to drink wine, to drink with red meats or with soft cheeses.

Special Gift set price is € 33,95 excl VAT. (Plus € 9,95 shipping and handling)

Gift set 2: Bad Boy and Bad Girl

A red and sparkling wine from Bordeaux with the stylish WINECHILL in a gift box.

Jean-Luc Thunevin from the Saint Emilion region has turned the wine world upside down as the proprietor of Chateau Valandraud. He started the ‘garage wine’ movement; wines made in small quantities with enormous concentration and power, and in Thunevin’s case literally in the garage of his house. These wines usually have an explosive, forward taste with extremely concentrated fruit, yet are made to drink soon rather than cellar for longer periods of time. World famous wine critic Robert Parker gave Thunevin his nickname Bad Boy of Saint Emilion.

Bad Boy is a fruity wine with flavours of blackcurrant, cherries and chocolate. The tannins are soft and silky, making the 2011 Bad Boy a nicely balanced wine. A wine you can drink young, as it has been made to be enjoyed now!

After the success of Bad Boy, he has created Bad Girl, a Crémant de Bordeaux. A well-structured and tasty sparkling white wine made of the classical grapes Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, as well as a little dose of Cabernet Franc, a grape known to give longevity to reds. Thunevin has hired the best winemakers in the field to make this outstanding wine. This wine attracts a female clientele who love to drink bubbles as part of a life style, but it also competes with serious Champagnes. Take this to a dinner party and don’t tell people it’s Bordeaux until they have tasted it!

Special Gift set price is € 41,95 excl VAT. (Plus € 9,95 shipping and handling) 

Gift set 3: Pomerol and Meursault 1er Cru

Two topwines together with the stylish WINECHILL in a gift box.

This gift set contains two very special wines. The first is La Croix 2012, a very classic Pomerol which was awarded 19 out of 20 points from Bordeaux guru René Gabriel. The second wine is the best wine from Meursault: Meursault Premier Cru Clos de Perrières 2013 from Albert Grivault.

In good vintages La Croix is among the most classic wines in the Pomerol. They age gracefully and are extremely well balanced and elegant. The 2012 is already drinkable but has a long life ahead! This wine can be described as ‘concentrated and complex’ which means there is a lot to discover in each sip. First there is the fruit intensity of forest fruit and cherries. Then there are aromas of black pepper, leather, black truffle and tobacco. On your tongue you can feel the tension between freshness, acidity, natural sweetness and silky tannins. Both delicate and powerful, a sensual wine!

The Clos des Perrières, a monopole by Albert Grivault, is generally acknowledged as the best vineyard in Meursault. The French wine magazine, Bourgogne Aujord’hui, recently conducted a survey of several top French wine reviewers in order to determine what was felt to be the best of the white Premier Crus. The winner was the Clos des Perrières. Under the right conditions, the wine can age extremely well and in the private cellars we have seen bottles dating back to late 19th century! The wine is very rich in minerality, combined with the natural sweetness of the ripe grapes it is a mouth full. The finish is extremely long and while the taste lingers on, you can’t help but conclude that life indeed is good.

Special Gift set price is € 99,95 excl VAT. (plus € 9,95 shipping and handling)

Custom gift sets

The selected 3 gift sets are just an example of what we can offer. Upon request we can offer you different gift sets with more, or less, bottles. Requests? Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.