Do you experience the polishing of your glassware as a big time consuming annoyance?
Spot-Not is the easiest and fastest way to let your glassware shine as never before!

Spot-Not is a line of wine accessories that dries and polishes stemware and wine decanters.

Spot-Not the glassware dryer
Spot-Not the glassware dryer is a kitchenware gadget and a wine accessory that dries and polishes the insides and more importantly outsides various shaped glassware. Spot-Not is a patented and a unique gadget. It has a multi-petal core that adjusts to the shape of a glass. It has a removable and washable sleeve that not only will dry but will also polish the glasses to a sparkle. Spot-Not the glassware dryer won Bronze in an international design competition in a kitchenware/ bakeware category.

Spot-Not Magnetic Decanter Dryer

Spot-Not Magnetic Decanter Dryer is a unique patent pending product. Because of their complex shape and narrow opening, decanters are impossible to dry. Spot-Not decanter dryer consists of two main parts: a drying cloth that is inserted inside of the decanter and a drying mitt for the outside of the decanter: Both parts are made of highly absorbent microfiber material. the drying cloth for the inside of the decanter has a flexible rubber strip that has a series of magnets affixed to it. The drying mitt for the outside of the decanter also has magnets.  As you move the drying mitt on the outside, the drying cloth on the inside also moves drying the insides of the decanter.